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You can search 小学语文 online. There're a lot of Youtube materials. If you're in China, search with Baidu. I found this one seems quite easy, with English subtitles.


Possibilities here I sometimes read essays written by Chinese children: RuiWang's 作文. They have all levels for free, starting from 一年级 (grade 1). You can find many English novels translated into Chinese and available for purchase on JingDong or other sites. I read Matilda (玛地尔达) this way. I thought it was helpful for improving my reading speed. You can ...


Given enough effort, I suppose you could read, silently, the text of any language without having to actually pronounce the words out loud. Like the way we look at long medical terms spelled in the "English" alphabet, knowing what it is but would not bother to actually pronounce them? Doing this for any language may, I suppose, miss the enjoyment of ...

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