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Why did so many Ks change into Js and Qs?

"Peking", "Nanking", and "Chungking" are Chinese postal romanisations of the pronunciations based on Ming-era and Qing-era Nanjing Mandarin. This is a different dialect ...
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Why did so many Ks change into Js and Qs?

This is sound change called palatalization. It occurred in history of many languages. That page lists various examples. Palatalization most often affected velar consonants such as /k/, /g/. In ...
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What is the historical development of IPA for Chinese spoken language?

Chinese ((lets say standard mandarin for specific reference, although concept of what I am about to say would apply to any of them)) has definitely had many many many different ways to romanize over ...
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How do you understand her name "Bi-khim Hsiao"?

Bi-khim is the romanization of the Taiwanese pronunciation of 美琴。Obviously 萧美琴's parents decided to use Taiwanese, not Mandarin, to transliterate their daughter's name.
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