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They are pronounced as 2-3 but only if they are within the same word boundary. If not, they are still pronounced as 3-3. I have given this example before:(一桶)(柳橙)。桶and柳are both third tone. Because they are in different word boundaries, there is no tone sandhi. They are pronounced as 3-3, or, more accurately, 3h-3h.


No punctuation 李组长想请尹小雨买两把小伞给老鲁雪伟。


老闆你好,請你給我兩碗炒米粉,晚點我想請我女友。 all is 3rd tones


Is it correct to pronounce a (3-3) as (3h- 3h) or it must be pronounced (2-3) anyway? No, it would be wrong. It must be 2nd-3rd. In some places is quite common 2-3h, but never 3h-3h.

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