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Can someone please help me by translating this vertical group of Chinese characters and the smaller chop located on the left?

Left: "……合兴号". (合興號) I just found a bowl from the period of the Republic of China. The buttom said: 仁重興號. I speculated that it might represent a certain era name. But I didn't found any era ...
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Trying to identify this artist signature (Characters identified: 古惠蘭)

It calls "古惠兰"(Chinese simplified). In ancient style of calligraphy large seal script. "古" means old, ancient. "惠" means grace,gentle and kindheartedness. "兰" ...
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I need help identifying the characters on this artist’s seal (Characters identified: 南海)

It looks like “南凌” to me. But the instead of 凌 with two dots on the left it uses older version with 3 dots on the left 淩
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Whose red seal is on this work?

sightly derived from standard seal script, imo the top seal is “樂壽”, roughly means happiness (樂), longevity (壽) the bottom one is “美都子”, likely a name have fun :)
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