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compare to the original text, it’s an extremely poor quality fake product 😾 the original is named “楚王鐘” in 殷周金文集成 (00072), or named as “楚邛仲南和鐘” in 歷代鍾鼎彝器款識法帖 卷六:


The characters are very deformed, but the best match to the writing looks like 富䝿(貴)昌矦(侯)王 Flourishing wealth and prosperity, fitting for the noblemen and king. 隹(唯)正月初吉丁亥,䠂(楚)王賸(媵)邛𠁩(中>仲)嬭𠆦(乍>作)嬭 'Tis the day of dīnghài of the first week of the first month, and the King of Chǔ gifts Second Lady 「嬭」 from the State of 「邛」 ... as dowry ...


The first one is 張 (zhāng), and about the second one, I'm not so sure, could be 直 zhí Probably?

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