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It's 朱 In 篆文: It is a common surname in Chinese, originally refers to inner red wood. 說文解字注: 朱本木名。引伸假借爲純赤之字。糸部曰。絑、純赤也。是其本字也。 For variations you can find here :


You should refer to Table II of Final Table of Simplified Characters (简化字总表) for 14 simplified radicals. Although the table itself has been replaced since 2013, it is the only official reference for simplified Chinese radicals.


On a system level, there was never a movement of simplification until the early 20th century. Chinese characters developed from less refined writing techniques and simpler shapes to more standardised writing styles and characters with more complex structures. This is because simple shapes have two (possibly related) problems: They're too easy to confuse ...


In ancient time Chinese people were creating new characters. Now they don't. Only new chemical elements create new character. What are the rules, what is not allowed, what is allowed? 六書造字原則 is one of the rules. Who is allowed to create one? How do you associate a sound with it too? Is it free to create your own? As far as I know, empirer and his ...

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