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I am Chinese. I remember in primary school teachers just mentioned pronunciations of some important 部首, for example: 单人旁 亻 三点水 氵 两点水 冫 竖心旁 忄 宝盖儿 or 宝盖头 宀 秃宝盖 冖 言字旁 讠 Here is the list of all official 部首: I suggest you just concentrate on common and simple 部首 because they are ...


FYI, you're overemphasising the importance of this. Firstly, the de facto international Chinese character radical indexing standard is the Kangxi system for orthodox characters, which is what Unicode primarily focuses on, not Xinhua dictionary's Simplified Chinese system (which itself is derived from the Kangxi system). Secondly, radicals are not character ...


There is a table of Kangxi radicals on Wikipedia: No. Radical (variants) Stroke Count Meaning Pīnyīn 45 屮 3 sprout chè 58 彐(彑) 3 snout jì 129 聿(⺺、⺻) 6 brush yù 159 車 7 cart chē Those should be the four you asked about above. Each of these radicals also have their own Wiki page. Radical 58 or radical snout (彐部) Chinese name(s): 雪字底 xuězìdǐ 尋字頭/寻字头 ...


It is 三年明命, written with modern pen and poor calligraphy skill. The words 三年明命 does not make sense to me. The writer may be a kid or a teenager, or a non-native Chinese learner, and possibly not Chinese but from other Asian countries like Japan and Vietnam.


It looks like "三年明命". I cannot understand it exactly but perhaps it means "you can know your destiny in three years". What's more, I noticed that the character "命" was written incorrectly. Add: If "明命" means a reign title of Vietnam, "三年明命" shows that this pipe was made in 1822. And it seems so.

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