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I would suggest 商业互吹/互捧臭脚 as popular and vulgar substitutes for 互相吹捧. These two words are trending slangs recently in Chinese online communities describing the phenomenon "circle jerk".


乜 is a Cantonese word "mat1" or "me1", meaning "what". And it makes no sense in this sentence. My guess is that your landlord meant to say 明天有人在家嗎? and she uses "pinyin" or some kind of phonetic input. When she typed "ma" for 嗎, 乜 popped up, along with all the other "ma"s. She probably clicked on ...


明天有人在家乜 doesn't make sense in Cantonese. I think it is a typo. The note apparently means "明天有人在家不?" or "明天有人在家不勿?" (乜 sounds like both 不 and 勿) I know for sure some dialects use 勿 instead of 不 in this context It makes sense to post "明天有人在家不/勿?" If the landlord wanted to know will there be someone at home tomorrow when a new ...


互戴高帽:(literal:) put a tall hat in each other's head 戴高帽 means to praise, often to the level of flattering. So 互戴高帽 means to flatter each other.

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