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It may not be official, but base on my experience in reading Chinese translated manga, "会" in "你们太会了" is likely short for "会做人/ 会做" (know how to be considerate), in other words, 'know how to please' Examples 1: Besides a 'fan service' panel, the translator would make remarks like '作者很會嘛!: (meaning the author is very considerate ...


会 denotes the sense of good at; skillful;etc.. In Chinese grammar, 会 is a verb here. the celebrity is saying: 你们太会玩了 or 你们太会搞了. In English, it could be something like you guys are good at making this. Apparently, there is a verb implied in 你们太会了. The listeners would understand the action based on the context. In your case, it could be 玩, 搞, etc.

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