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Questions related to software for reading, writing or processing (written or spoken) Chinese.

This tag is for software used to assist with the Chinese language.

This may include (not exhaustively):

  • IMEs (input method editors). See also
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • spelling/pinyin software
  • automatic conversion from traditional to simplified and vice versa
  • speech transcription
  • word processors

Use this tag when you have questions about such software. Make sure what you ask is on-topic. Asking for recommendations in the form "what's the best X to do Y" or "is X good for Y" is off-topic almost everywhere on Stack Exchange.

Please don't use this tag for character recognition issues, e.g, handwritten text, pictures, signs, etc. For that, make sure you check this thread first: How do I self-answer “What does this say?”.

If you have questions about programming, even if the intended purpose you might want to take it to Stack Overflow (make sure it's on topic there).