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Go to Google Translate Select English --> Simplified Chinese Input: "I wish I could speak better mandarin Chinese now, after learning by myself for the past two years using phone apps, and from textbooks." Result: "过去两年来我自己使用电话应用程序和课本进行学习后,我希望自己现在能说更好的普通话。" (pinyin is under the Chinese text) Google Translate is not very accurate ...


According to this article: Cantonese Slang of the Week: HEA To put it in the simplest of terms, to Hea means to procrastinate, be lazy, and basically try to kill time. When using ‘hea’ to describe a person, the meaning usually slightly alters to indicate that a person may be unproductive, or that their work is not up to standard. It is said that the word ‘...


the actual Cantonese words well, some argued that it’s 歇 (u+6b47) in toishan “dialect” (台山話) <再談「hea」字/> we just use “hea” to write it, no han-chinese / cantonese character is accepted, as the “original”: one of the urban myth in hong kong 🇭🇰

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