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句式杂蹂 It is a incorrect mix of "雲南那兒有說漢語方言的人。" and "雲南那兒有少數幾個民族說的是漢語方言。" should be "雲南那兒有少數幾個民族的人說的是漢語方言" 雲南 / 那兒 / 有 / 少數幾個民族的 / 人 / 說的 / 是 漢語方言


Condense that somewhat: 云南有些少数民族是说方言的。 (In) Yunnan there are some minority ethnic groups which speak dialects. Language is the apposition of words and phrases. No apposition, no language.


雲南那兒的人 有少數幾個民族 說的是漢語的方言. Not a good sentence but understandable. The background of this saying is because there are several groups of minorities that reside in the province of 雲南. Each has its own spoken language, and most of the languages are foreign to the Han Chinese, but a few of them are heavily influenced by the Han Language with a strong flavor of the ...


雲南那兒的人有少數幾個民族説的是漢語的方言。 The sentence is understandable but ungrammatical strictly speaking because 雲南那兒的人有少數幾個民族 doesn't make sense. The sentence can be improved by removing 的人, like 雲南那兒有少數幾個民族説的是漢語的方言, meaning in Yunnan there are several ethnic groups who speak 漢語的方言. BTW, Chinese does have appositives. E.g. 我朋友徐某和她在谈朋友. 我朋友 and 徐某 are in apposition.

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