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Is this Chinese and what is the meaning: 阿ㄘㄟˊ

It is Amis/Pangcah (阿美族語), the language of one of the Taiwanese aborigines (台灣原住民). 阿ㄘㄟˊ ( ā céi ) means "ridiculous; crazy; unreasonable; nonsense; goofy; outrageous; nuts". 阿ㄘㄟˊ: You are nuts! ...
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The Taiwanese accent: are pairs "种,总", "四,是", "忘,万" pronounced EXACTLY the same?

The key to this question is which accent of Taiwan you're talking about. There is a large difference between Standard Taiwan Mandarin (標準台灣國語) and the various accents commonly found across Taiwan. ...
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Unknown character/symbol/sign in a Taiwanese manhua - Resolved, thank you

It is the symbol "ㄛ" in Zhuyin, which may represent the word "哦" or "喔".
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Is ㄙㄨㄚˋ (sua4) for the character 嘴 from another Chinese dialect or language?

紲喙 (suà-tshuì) 合口味。 Palatable 形容東西合胃口、好吃,一口接一口,愈吃愈想吃。 The term describes that the food is so delicious that you want to eat more. 紲 is a substitute character (替代字) and means "continue". ...
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"Disgusting" as the Chinese would say it

for the word "disgusting" A simple search can yield many results: 肉酸 http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/words/1431/ 肉麻 http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/words/2054/ 反胃 ...
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How to express gratitude as a house guest?

an approach that's formal, more "literary chinese": 對府上之款待﹒先行拜謝 "先行拜謝" is, roughly "thank you in advance" "府上" is the honourable term of "your home", you may change it to "貴府", "貴寓", or "尊府 http://...
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Useful resources for learning Taiwanese?

There is a more recent textbook (published after the other answers were written!), called "Southern Hokkien: An Introduction", by Bernhard Fuehrer and Yang Hsiu-fang. It focuses on Taiwanese Hokkien. ...
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"Disgusting" as the Chinese would say it

恶心 / 噁心 junyiacademy disgust: 使感到噁心, disgusting, 令人噁心的, disgusted, 感到噁心的。 There's also a video here explaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD_itrx5yK0
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"Disgusting" as the Chinese would say it

One word that pops in mind for Chinese would be 無恥 which is shameful. Here's an old movie clip, showing the time when Nationalist from China invaded Taiwan and forced everyone, including school ...
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