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Chinese characters originate from pictograms, history is very long and changed so much tody, you will lost if you try to learn it's meannig from the shape.


These terms were devised in the late 20th century analysis of Classical Japanese, originally, for the difference between -(さ)す (glossed as externally instigated) and -(ら)る (glossed as internally instigated). This exoactive vs endoactive reflects 18th century Japanese use of 他動詞 vs 自動詞 (tadoushi vs jidoushi). In more traditional Western-orientated linguistic ...


On p. 43 of ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese By Axel Schuessler we have the following introduction: which is later expound on: On p. 44 we find the exact example that you are asking about: It also comes with an explanation: There is a little explanation also here: [...] endoactive (introvert) verbs also can be tr. like mai 'to buy (something)',...

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