It's Punycode, used in URLs to encode Unicode as ASCII. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punycode


Pairing is either 配对 or 对, even in cryptography. 椭圆曲线对 is used in the SM9 standard. But 椭圆曲线配对 is also in common use. There's a book entitled 《基于配对的密码学》. Using "对" alone sounds more technical, but also (in my opinion) phonetically confusing or inelegant in certain contexts.


Note: The below answers apply to mainland Mandarin Chinese. For technical vocabulary, the words used in different regions often have differences. The link you posted in your comment looks like it uses Taiwan standards. Class 类 Object 对象 Instance 实例 Attribute 属性 Method 方法 "Object oriented" is 面向对象. You can find more at the 面向对象程序设计 Chinese ...

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