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刻 means ''to carve'' but my dictionary also says it means ''to set a time limit''. well, you need a better dictionary 😼 in 國語辭典, the first explanation of the entry “刻”, as noun is: 古代計時的名稱,一晝夜共分一百刻。今以十五分鐘為一刻。《周禮.夏官司馬.挈壺氏》:「縣壺」漢.鄭玄.注:「漏之箭晝夜共百刻,冬夏之間有長短焉,大史立成法,有四十八箭。」


Water clocks. 「刻」 originally referred to the carved markings which recorded water levels throughout the day, as a substitute for time, on the cylinders of elaborate systems of water flow like the following: 「刻」 being equal to a quarter of an hour comes from a time division system on the water clock which divides a day into 96 「刻」. References: 《漢語大詞典》 ...

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