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As the OP has clarified that the "h" in the name is not silent, 塔拉費薩爾 is not an accurate transliteration because it's missing the "h" sound. 塔爾哈·費薩爾 would be more accurate. Note that Chinese is full of homophones so it is not the only possible transliteration. However, the characters used here are all commonly used and quite conventional ...


It is normal to get 塔拉·費薩爾(Tǎlā Fèisà'ěr) instead of Talha Faisal. Because there is no Chinese character has a romanisation (pinyin) in lha, fai and sal. Alternatively, Chinese characters have lā, fèi and sà'ěr. It is similar to that you get Talha Faisal instead of Talhat Faysal(طلحة فيصل).


Maybe 泰勒海 費薩爾? This come out by googling "Talha" and "Faisal" respectively. Actually, you can choose any word you like if the pronunciation is similar.


First of all, "Chinese" can be ambiguous. "中文" means Chinese, but "漢語" also means Chinese. "國語" (in Taiwan) also means Chinese. Here I assume "Chinese" = "中文", but if you want to get a more accurate answer, more examples/screenshots/photos are needed. For dialog: 1st If: Correct. 2nd If: Correct. 3rd If: Partly correct. The dialog can be Mandarin, ...

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