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This is a spelling mistake, and should be written as 「划來划去」. In Traditional Chinese, 「划」 means to row, to paddle, e.g. 「划龍舟」 (to row a dragon boat). 「劃」 normally means to delimit, to partition 「劃分」 or sometimes to plan 「計劃」. 小蝌蚪看見小鴨子跟著媽媽在水裏划來划去 The wee tadpoles saw the ducklings following their mother in the water, paddling away. References: 萌典 國語小字典 ...

1 划(劃): to row; to paddle 划船 ― huáchuán ― to row a boat


The Wikipedia page for Liu says: 劉 / 刘 (/ljoʊ/ or /ljuː/;1 romanised as Liu, Lau, Leo, Ryu, Yoo, Lew, Lieu, Liou, Liw) is a Chinese surname. Liu as transcribed in English can represent several different surnames written in different Chinese characters. As you can see the surname has been Romanized in many different ways, including: Leo. So, 刘 would be the ...


As a chinese,I have never seen these chinese names in real life . The common names in china are 张伟,李明,王伟,李伟,张敏 et

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