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Why would you want to use an external API for static data that does not change over time? The translation map is a constant, and all the libraries and services just wrap those maps. As far as Chinese Traditional/Simplified to Pinyin goes there are a variety of free mapping available — here is one I've found to be the most complete and up-to-date which I '...


Last line: 小平畫 Drawn by 小平 Seal 1: 吳氏 吳 family/clan Seal 2: 小平画印 Drawing seal of 小平 There is no "title" of the painting as such - the theme of the painting can only be inferred from the text, which as @sylvia points out literally says: 巫峽神女峰壬午年丙X月 Painted at Shénnǚ peak of the Wū Gorge on the Year of Rénwǔ and month of 丙X....


i think it's: 巫峡神女峰 壬午年 xx月 Can't tell which month it is.. maybe someone else can identify it.

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