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When would we use “真够”

真够啊是什么意思? What does 真够啊 mean? “真够啊” 是近年来流行的网络用语, “真够啊” is a fashionable internet phrase in recent years, 常常用于表达惊讶、不满或无奈的情绪。 often used to express a certain sense of astonishment, dissatisfaction or ...
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When would we use “真够”

One meaning of 够 is "及". The sentence "你来得真够准时的" really means "你来得真及时啊". 真够 = 确实/的确够 挺够 = 很够 = 非常够
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When would we use “真够”

In your example sentence, 你来得真够准时的, the meaning is not just that the person is punctual, but that they arrived exactly on time/just barely before the deadline. For example, if the meeting is at 9:30 ...
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