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For questions about vocabulary, i.e. a set of words, as a whole. NOT for questions about meaning or translations, even when more than one word or phrase is involved.

A vocabulary is:

the set of words used by a language, but also all of the words within a language known by a single person.

Use this tag for discussion about vocabulary itself, either your own or another specific set of words. See below for some practical examples of questions that can be tagged [vocabulary].

Your own vocabulary

  • questions about improving your own vocabulary, e.g. memorization techniques, flashcards, etc. Note: make sure your question can be answered as objectively as possible. If you word it in a way that seems dependent on your specific background and situation, it might get closed as opinion-based or too broad.

Specific sets of words

  • questions about HSK vocabulary requirements; avoid requests for resources.
  • questions about how many characters/words one should know to do X, e.g. to read newspapers.
  • questions about the set of Chinese characters as a whole, used in Mandarin or in another topolect

Do not use this tag for questions about the meaning of one or more words, translations, resources, word choices, etc. As a rule of thumb, if the object of your question is not a self-consistent set of words, don't tag it [vocabulary].