My suggestion: 第一節, 第二節 /jie2/... Cantonese pronunication /jit3/ Literally a part, or a section of a whole. 课 "lesson" - sounds too much like a class, where a (group of) student(s) learn(s) from a teacher. 会话 "dialogue" - is not the same as a workshop session.


"您好吗" 一般是对长辈和领导说您好吗。一般人见面 "你好吗" 就可以了。"您" 相对 "你" 来说多一分尊敬的意思。 "你好啊" 和 "你好" 的意思一样,"你好啊" 更亲近一些。


連A帶B is not equivalent to A着B. A着B limits both A and B to verbs, but 連A帶B does not (they can be verbs, nouns, or adjectives). Part of speech Example sentence1 Translation Verbs 眼下很多旅店為了拉客住宿都是連蒙帶騙。(1994年《人民日報》) Many hostels nowadays (lit. 'blind' and) deceive customers for their stay. Nouns 滅絕師太不除下劍鞘,連劍帶鞘,便向金花婆婆胸口點來。(金庸《倚天屠龍記》) With the sword and its ...

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