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How do you say "wavy hair" in Chinese?

Simple way to look at it Straight hair = 直髮 wavy hair/ curvy hair = 波浪形頭髮/ 曲髮 curly hair = 捲髮 Using 髮捲 (Curls) to make 捲髮 (curly hair) 捲髮 = 鬈髮
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How do you say "wavy hair" in Chinese?

Yes, 卷发 is a good translation. Depending on the context, you can also use 卷毛: To be a bit informal. 自来卷/自然卷: If it’s natural. 大波浪/小卷发: If it’s wavy/curly. Update based on the comment Sorry, I ...
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How do you say "wavy hair" in Chinese?

There are almost always more ways than one of expressing something! Goldilocks: 金发姑娘 (三只熊) had straight hair (at least in Disney films), maybe she was named after the flower? 《金凤花姑娘》 卷发:形状呈卷曲的头发。curly ...
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How to say "elegance" (so the noun for the adjective "elegant")?

I think 美德 is better. 耐心是一种美德。 As a native Chinese speaker, I rarely use "优雅" as anything other than an adj.
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How is 时机 being used in 就可能预测病人发病的时机?

就可能预测病人(的)发病的时机 时机 here, should mean 時間(Time) 機制/病徵(Symptoms)
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