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The reason why "一片片叶子从树上落下来" is the correct answer is because the complete sentence is "秋天到了,一片片叶子从树上落下来" I suspected that there is more to the sentence because "一片片叶子从树上落下来" somehow seems "incomplete" to me. So, 秋天到了, 从树上一片片叶子落下来, & 秋天到了 从树上落下来一片片叶子 both therefore sounds awkward.


This is 排列成句 ("form a sentence") exercise from a Chinese textbook about measure words: 一片片叶子从树上落下来。 = one-after-another (measure word) leaf fall from the tree 叶子一片片(adv)从树上落下来。= The leaves falling one-by-one (adv) from the tree 从树上(落下)一片片叶子(来)。 = one-after-another(measure word) leaf fall from the tree 从树上落下(了)一片片叶子 = one-after-another(measure ...

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