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【瞧瞧 qiao qiao】 or 【瞅瞅 chou chou】? 【qiu qiu】→It's a regional dialect, not standard Pronunciation of Putonghua.


Personally... I guess it may be 啾啾 jiujiu(first tone). which represent the sound of birds. It stealthily reminds u to look somewhere or something. It's one kind of cuddly presentation.


Should be 瞅瞅, can be chou or qiu based on where you are in the northern China. This should be considered as a dialect rather than standard Mandarin.


My guess is: 瞧瞧 qiaoˊ qiaoˊ When spoken in dialog you may hear qiaoˊ qiao˙, meaning they want you to take a look at something. Here are some examples.

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