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I think I have heard "Dell" 垃圾 in spoken Cantonese but I don't know how to write the word "dell"


I think your first translation is good and correct. It matches the words with English, and it sounds pretty natural. 吃香 is also a very good use of slang. It's just one way of speaking of the suggested answer - 他很受学生(的)欢迎 . For the second sentence, I would say: 很多学生通过了考试,我也过了 I think it's good that to have word-word translation, but the purpose I learn ...


Well, sometimes you won't translate 'among', see your first sentence. Other times, 'among' will translate simply as 中, or a combination of 在 ... 中, like your second sentence. 在 ... 间 is also common, but there are other ways. Of course, exactly if and how 'among' is expressed will depend on the context. He's very popular among the students. 他很受学生(的)欢迎。 ...

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