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When years are (or were) written using Hanzi numerals, what are the usual variants/options?

Today is 二零二三年十一月四日 (04- Nov-2023) in 公曆 (Gregorian calendar) 2023 is a date, not a counting number, therefore, it is not written as 二千零二十三 as in $2023 (二千零二十三元) 壹贰叁肆伍陆柒捌玖 mostly appear in cheques or ...
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why is "象" meaning representation, form, shape etc.?

象 (xiàng; elephant, shape, form) (Baxter-Sagart OC: /*s-[d]aŋʔ/) is a straightforward depiction of an elephant turned on its side, indicating the original meaning "elephant". The other ...
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Why would this insect pest poster in Taiwan have phonetic characters (Zhuyin) on every Chinese character?

This is bopomofo. Taiwanese people use it instead of pinyin for transcription. They also use a bopomofo keyboard for typing on their phones. I'm travelling in Taiwan right now and I've seen it in ...
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How do written Chinese works, such as novels, handle dialogue from characters with accents?

One way is to write their sentences using incorrect characters that present their pronunciation as well as putting the correct characters in parentheses to present their meaning. Example: "他一口鸟哈气 ...
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When years are (or were) written using Hanzi numerals, what are the usual variants/options?

In the Shāng-Zhōu era, years used standard Chinese numerals (or an old spelling of one, such as 「亖」 instead of 「四」), and were typically found in the following format: 隹(唯・惟)王X祀 'Tis the Xth year of ...
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A correction mark to indicate a word order reversal

i think that “挑上” is a specialised term in taoism, describing an action in writing charm paper (劃符) 上清天心正法 使眞炁吹之・發筆挑上・鬼字寫在内 靈寶無量度人上經大法 止念其玉諱爲呪・不計其數・次以一筆挑上・蓋其形・呪曰 上清靈寳大法 又念四字・毎一字四轉塗之・共一十六轉・剔筆上出・...
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help me improve these names pls

wang mingjie I assume is probably 王明杰。 There is a lot of freedom to Chinese names, especially for story purposes. For the names in your list, I don't see any "real" issues. Names are indeed ...
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Why do some terms related to writing or linguistics in general contain the word/character for "mother"?

The reason is due largely to the sensational logic that existed in the ancient matriarchal society, in which motherhood was highly regarded with the belief that "the mother is the primary source ...
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Is reading Mandarin text straightforward for speakers of other varieties of Chinese?

This is an interesting question, and is one a bit unique to chinese, due to its diglossia ((written language is not 100% matched to spoken language)). I'll start with answering your question, then ...
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Is reading Mandarin text straightforward for speakers of other varieties of Chinese?

Read my answer to a similar question We do have written Cantonese beside SWC and Written Mandarin. But it is only used in casual content like comics, gossip columns, or web chats. For official ...
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How to Format Chinese Address?

Receiver name: Liu Kai Receiver address: 50 Yan He Road 2nd floor, San Sheng Village, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China 523000
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Writer looking for Chinese name for a character

My suggestion is 辛玉梅 辛 - family name, could mean bitterness, difficulties, but also spiciness, sharp 玉 - jade 梅 - plum bloosom, a chinese character symbolizing resilience and persistence.
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Lowest pixel resolution needed to support Chinese?

Fonts designed with 7×7 characters Note that in some font names and bitmap strike sizes below, "8 pixels" refers to 7 pixels character size plus 1 pixel spacing between characters, whereas ...
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How do you learn and remember 左 and 右?

工口 look like the number 10. 1 is on the left, and 0 is on the right.
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