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Questions about Input Method Editors.
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Questions at the intermediate level for students of Chinese language
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Questions concerned internet slang (互联网用语/網絡語言).
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For International Phonetic Alphabet
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Questions about learning various aspects of Standard Chinese or other Chinese languages and dialects.
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Literary Chinese (文言文 wényán wén, "text of written language"), a traditional style of written Chinese modelled on the classical language, making it different from any modern spoken form of Chinese.
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The Chinese literature
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Questions about the words used in a song
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a group of Chinese dialects that are considered the official language in many Chinese-speaking communities. The Beijing dialect is considered as standard pronunciation of Mandarin. Thus, w…
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Questions concerned comprehension and understanding the finer aspects of individual words or phrases, with or without a context in which they are expressed.
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Questions concerned understanding of individual words or phrases, considering a context in which these words and phrases are expressed.
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Middle Chinese (simplified Chinese: 中古汉语; traditional Chinese: 中古漢語; pinyin: zhōnggǔ Hànyǔ), formerly known as Ancient Chinese, is the historical Chinese dialect recorded in the Qieyun, a rime diction…
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Questions related to (lexical, grammatical, stylistic, ...) errors in the usage of a Chinese language.
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Questions related to Chinese names.
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