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For questions about Chinese prepositions, some times also called coverbs, e.g. 在,往,对, etc.
27 questions
Questions regarding the correct consonants, vowels, tone, stress, rhythm and intonation of a word in spoken Chinese
344 questions
12 questions
28 questions
For questions about punctuation marks in written Chinese.
28 questions
Questions about radicals of Chinese characters.
76 questions
Questions that concern the reading and comprehension of a written text
37 questions
19 questions
0 questions
Questions concerning search and sharing of supplementary resources used in the process of language study: books, articles, links to Web sites, audio and video recordings, corpora, etc. Click on "info"…
135 questions
For questions about the result complement 结果补语
8 questions
The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.
3 questions
the process of rendering Chinese characters with the roman alphabet.
17 questions
a cover term for a wide variety of phonological processes that occur at morpheme or word boundaries (thus belonging to what is called morphophonology).
28 questions
16 questions
For questions about Chinese characters and/or language found on seals, stamps, inscriptions, hand signatures, paintings, etc.
Questions concerning the types of words and phrases which are grouped and ordered meaningfully to express a statement, question, or another type of sentence
281 questions
Separable verbs (or: verb-object compounds) are verbs that can be separated, such as 睡觉 within 睡一个好觉.
8 questions
Shanghainese (Native name: 上海閒話/上海言话), or the Shanghai dialect/Hu dialect (simplified Chinese: 上海话/沪语; traditional Chinese: 上海話/滬語), is a dialect of Wu Chinese spoken in the city of Shanghai and the s…
9 questions
For questions about simplified Chinese (standardized in printing since the 1950s in mainland China). Not merely for questions which happen to be written in simplified Chinese.
Questions related to slang, i.e. a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal.
74 questions
0 questions
Questions related to software for reading, writing or processing (written or spoken) Chinese.
38 questions
15 questions
0 questions
0 questions
For questions about spoken Chinese (aka "oral Chinese" or "verbal Chinese"); consider also the [pronunciation] tag.
67 questions
Questions about terminology used in sports
8 questions
Questions about the characters' stroke order.
20 questions
17 questions
0 questions
8 questions