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Questions related specifically to academic study of the Chinese language, or specific vocabulary or style to use when writing Chinese in an academic style
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Questions at the advanced level of Chinese language, discussing finer points of language comprehension.
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Questions about the words or phrases that may have non-unique meaning, spelling, or pronunciation, usually depending on a context
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one of a pair of words with opposite meanings. Each word in the pair is the antithesis of the other.
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Questions at the low beginning or elementary level for students of Chinese language
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a type of visual art related to writing
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The Chinese dialect spoken in and around Guangzhou city (formerly Canton), and central and western Guangdong province.
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Questions about phonetic, semantic, or other components of characters.
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Questions about the identification of Chinese characters, especially characters seen in photos and other visual materials.
Questions about the Chinese characters, called Hanzi, about their characteristics and everything that relates to them.
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Chengyu (simplified Chinese: 成语; traditional Chinese: 成語, pinyin: chéngyǔ, lit. "set phrases") are a type of traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions, most of which consist of four characters. Chengy…
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Classical Chinese (古文, Pinyin: gǔ wén, "ancient text") is the language of the classic literature from the Spring and Autumn period through to the end of the Han Dynasty, a written form of Old Chinese.…
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a word or morpheme used along with numbers and countable nouns to denote the quantity of a given object, represented by a noun.
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Questions about the cultural side of China and Chinese.
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