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What is the meaning of 老不死 exactly?
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In China, if you call anyone as 老不死, you are not praising him as "old and not died". In fact, you are asking him "why don't you go die?". So we think it's so impolite to call anyone 老不死, especially ...

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What is the structure of 我吃饭的时候看了一本书?
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I read a book while having dinner. You can see 吃 as an adverbial clause of time.

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Pronunciation of 一 in 一个
1 votes

YI2 GE4 or yi2 ge5 are both correct, and it depends on where you using them. When we use 一 and a quantifier together, we always proniunce 一 as Yi2, and there is no specific reason.

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What's an appropriate conversational response to 这是什么?
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Just 书 is enough. This is the most natural to answer such a question, and no need to say more.

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