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How to write characters containing the ǚ pinyin symbol in most common Chinese Input Methods?
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As pinyin doesn't use the letter v, then words containing the u with umlaut can be written with v key, then combined with the number keys to get different tones. For example: v+1 = ǖ v+2 = ǘ v+3 = ...

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Where can I find a dataset for Chinese characters to back an app I want to write?
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That website is made with the following resources that you can find in the FAQ section: Where does the data come from? HanziCraft would not exist without the massive amounts of work already ...

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Official Pinyin of 《卜》 in 《卜姓》: "Bǒ", "Bo" or "Bǔ"?
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In PLC appears as a surname, but it also says it has different pronunciations depending on its meaning. So the surname (family name) should be : Bǔ

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