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It's Kong Lin's birthday, but she hates birthdays: is it okay to write 孔琳宁愿发现来月经而整天肚子疼,也不过今天?
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You may try, 孔琳宁愿来一整天經痛,也不希望今天的到來 If i understand your question correctly.

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Could anyone help me check my grammar in sentence
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不知道 这是谁的手机呢 你想吃什么呢 我想 向妈妈 发电子邮件 请在这里等我 我有急事,请您接替我的职位,可以吗? 我想我的行李箱 留 在出租车上了 云岘宫是韩国名胜古迹之一 只要 你专心学习,就 不会考不及格 她不知道 如何 使用提款机 要是我有一百万,我要买汽车给父母 请等他一会儿 妈妈希望我成功 我们要万事如意 我的理想是会说汉语 政治学 是 专业 让我们一起在 住 里面的层间 你 ...

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What does 别间 in 别间大学的男生都土里土气的 mean?
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In that particular sentence, it simply means "other". 别 - can have many meaning, when used differently, if it is used only as a single word, it means "dont" or "no", if ...

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How to read this talisman (符)?
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Most of the talisman consist of ancient chinese characters tracked way backed to the ancient dynasty, as such, no one read the talisman characters, as the talisman is mostly used for prayers or used ...

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