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How to pronounce English words in Chinese
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3 votes

There are two directions you mentioned: transliteration or romanisation using Wade-Giles (Tao for 道) or Pinyin (Dao for 道) to write/spell/pronounce chinese characters/words (see Taoism VS Daoism). ...

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A Word A Day for Chinese
1 votes

Transparent Language ® offers Mandarin Chinese Word of the Day which can be retrieved in multiple ways: visit web page daily email (subscribe form via link above) RSS feed Twitter Contains: ...

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How do I understand Ni (you) character correctly?
0 votes

On his blog SinoSplice the linguist John Pasden wrote an article about Challenges to Character Understanding where he explains the understanding of character 你 (nǐ). He showed his source of Outliers ...

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What does 尔 really mean?
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The Chinese character 尔 (pinyin: er3) is explained within YellowBridge's Etymology Explorer with following meanings: Definition: you; that, those; final particle 尔 means "you" The character ...

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