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Why don't all questions have the "ma" 吗 particle at the end?
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In general, Chinese interrogative sentences must contain a question word to be a valid question. 吗 is a question word, but doesn't necessarily have to be placed in every question. 你吃饭了吗? Have you ...

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How to say "politically correct" or "political correctness" in Chinese?
6 votes

Assuming Wikipedia is a reliable source, 政治正确 is correct. There is a simpler explanation of it on Zhidao Baidu as well: 这要看你是说汉语 “政治正确” 还是英语 “politically correct” 。 这个词语对英语有比较广泛的意思,...

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Can 曾 be used alone instead of 曾经?
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5 votes

There are many verbs and adverbs in Chinese that hold the exact meaning without the second character. Chinese words have a more complete sound to them when they are in pairs of two characters, but it'...

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Were the choice of characters in compound words based on their intrinsic meaning, or are their meaning derived from their use in compound words?
4 votes

Most compound words in Chinese appeared later on in the history of the language. In ancient Chinese, just about every single character had it's own meaning. Later on when the language started becoming ...

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What are appropriate objects of 制作?
1 votes

Look here for a very full list of examples: 制作 is comparable to the English word to make, as you can 制作 anything from cake to ...

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