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How to say "red book"?
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Generally, 紅色的書红色的书)is better. Red (adj.) Book (n.).

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Written Cantonese Pronunciation
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For spoken Cantonese, it's different from written Cantonese. e.g. 唔係(m4 hai6)-->不是(bat1 si6) It's different, right?

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"不客气" (bù kèqì) vs "谢谢你" (xièxiè nǐ)
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I guess, it's a little too formal. Just say ‘谢了’(thanks) is ok. Never mind / No problem ‘没关系’ is a little bit more casual than ‘不客气’, so it's better to be casual when you speak.

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Can 太久 be used to refer to time past between two dates?
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For "is that too far ahead", it should be “太旧*之后*”, For "too long (PERIOD)", it should be ‘太久’.

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