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Should the term 廁所 (bathroom) be used for both a home and public toilet?
3 votes

Bathroom is a 浴室. Toilet is a 廁所. But one thing you should know "廁所 is not about home or public". It's a specific place. 廁 means a place people do pee or poo. 所 means a place. In most cases, a ...

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Possessives in Chinese
1 votes

My: 我、我的 mom: 媽、媽媽 's: 的 white: 白、白色、白的、白色的 dog: 狗、狗狗 Remember a common rule: "Don't use 2 more 的 in one sentence." So following all are correct sentences: Mom 's white dog 媽媽的白狗。 媽媽的白色狗。 My mom's ...

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Difference between 特色, 特點, 特性, 特質, and 特徵
0 votes

特: special, good 色: color, but not here. 點: point, a small hole or circle 徵: sign 質: physical thing 性: function The words you asked all include 特, so there are positive words, but not really. 特色 is ...

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Is 了 optional when a time word is present?
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了 is a special word. There are 3 question have to ask first. A. 了 is a verb or not? B. If not, is there other verb in the sentence? C. If so, 了 is after the verb? or in the end of the sentence? ...

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