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Which one of these two ISO 639-2 code refers to Traditional Chinese, chi or zho?
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chi and zho stands for the Chinese language, but not one of its writing forms. Specific codes for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese widely in use being zh-Hant and zh-Hans respectively, ...

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What characters belong together as words in ...连日来人气火爆...?
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据了解,这些特色餐馆连日来人气火爆,前来就餐的多数是结伴而来的年轻人 I would break this sentence into this: 据/了解,这些/特色/餐馆/连日来/人气/火爆,前来/就餐/的/多数/是/结伴而来/的/年轻人 In 连日来, "连日" means "few days", with a emphasis in succession; suffix "来", ...

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