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Chinese computer vocabulary, and most frequently encountered common computer terms
Accepted answer
9 votes

menu - 菜单 cut - 剪切 copy - 复制 paste - 粘贴 edit - 编辑 properties - 属性 ok - OK / 好的 cancel - 取消 back - 返回 refresh - 刷新 save - 保存 print - 打印

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Chinese equivalent of "I can honestly say..."
6 votes

For 'I can honestly say I did my best.': * [说实话]我已经尽力了 or * 我[真的]已经尽力了 ←probably the most colloquial one *

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What is the difference between 目前 and 現在?
4 votes

目前=in current condition 现在=now they've just got some slight difference, in most of the time they are interchangeable.

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Is 其他人 any different from 别的人?
1 votes

其他人 is used more often than 别的人 in everyday life, although they have the same meaning. Also in my opinion, 别人 sounds more appropriate than 别的人.

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