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What does 些 mean when it's combined with 什麼?
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You are correct, "些" is used to mean "a few" and it also applies in the example you gave above - ie. you can't even find 'a few' words to say. I believe you can also leave out "些" and it will still ...

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Chinese equivalent of "no worries"
6 votes

Although not a direct translation, "沒關係/没关系" or "沒問題/没问题" can also sometimes mean "don't worry" depending on context. 沒關係/没关系 - It doesn't matter (note: not suitable ...

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Characteristics of Northern and Southern accents
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Not sure if this is what you mean, but a friend (native speaker) said that Northern regions tend to 捲舌 "roll their tongue" more than Southern regions. I speak mandarin with a Taiwan accent (minimal ...

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