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How can one determine the radical for a given character?
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A rule of thumb is to look for the radical that seems to be more prominent. For those characters, it's pretty easy: In 烋, notice how 灬 spans the entire character horizontally: it is the radical (火) ...

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Written Cantonese input?
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Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe all Cantonese characters (theoretically) have pinyin representations. Examples: 冇 (have not) / Yale: mou5 / Pinyin: mao3 佢哋 (they) / Yale: keui5 dei6 / Pinyin: ...

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Techniques for learning and retaining characters
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I'm getting a lot of answers on learning based on the radicals. Which is valid and works for quite a lot of characters. But it doesn't always work. Beyond learning radicals and "families" like other ...

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