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Jan 26 '18 at 3:21 comment added user6065 online dictionaries: ichacha : anaphrodisiac:adj. 平性欲的,制性欲的。 n. 平性欲剂,制性欲剂, iciba adj. 制(性)欲的; 制欲剂; adj. 制(性)欲的; 制欲剂;
Jan 26 '18 at 2:09 comment added Tang Ho This term is not common because most people seek the opposite, that's why Viagra is so popular and the term for drug like that is so well known -- namely 壯陽藥 (aphrodisiac- Chinese medicinal term) or 春藥 (Chinese folk term for aphrodisiac) An-Aphrodisiac is basically anti- Aphrodisiac. . 'Anaphrodisiac (medicine)' is most likely translated as a clinical term 性慾抑制(藥)
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