I'm trying to write in full cursive with my own personal style and this is one of my first letterings.

I'm quite happy and I think that it does look readable, but I'm afraid that the two long line I left in the middle of the first sentence could break its logic. The long line in the second one should divide this "有形" from this "以太". I found many different way to write the same Hanzi in cursive and I'm afraid I made up a mess mixing styles that don't match among them... but I almost like the final result and I hope it can be considered a good work.

According to you is this strange or wrong? Do the Hanzi have a logical and coherent style? Can you easily understand what it means?

enter image description here

I hope not to be off topic, if so I really apologize. I have no intention to waste anyone's time, I'd just like to have an opinion from people I can trust.

  • "以太" is ok but I cannot easily recognize other words. Hope this helps you. – user615345 Jun 2 '19 at 12:32

I can't easily recognize words in Chinese scripts, I guess my father too or my grandfather too, so it's ok about readable.

I can't tell this is written by Chinese or foreign by just looking at it, but Chinese people who do scripts would write traditional Chinese character instead of simplified even in China mainland.

And 太 is not that being written like the ones I saw before.

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