La société chinoise depuis 1949 by Tania Angeloff (2018; in French) is a book about Chinese society since 1949. The author sometimes uses pinyin without tones to give the Chinese counterparts of some of the terms used in the book.

On page 73 she uses the term daigang, which she paraphrases in French as "[personnels] en attente de poste". The French phrase roughly means "waiting for a job or post". Unfortunately, the tones or the Hanzi are not mentioned, and looking up daigang in MDBG or MandarinTools.com did not help.

Does anybody know the Hanzi for this phrase?

  • highly recommended: bkrs: 1st (among 3) result for pinyin "daigang" submission:待岗 dàigǎng см.(see) 待工 (see待岗):wait for an appointment; wait for a job
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    Feb 20, 2019 at 9:09

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It is 待岗, where 待 means wait and 岗 means job opportunity.


'待岗' /dài gǎng/ is short for '等待岗位' (waiting for post/ job)

等待: /děng dài/ to wait

岗位: /gǎng wèi/ post; job

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