Scroll of Li River with signature and chop. Would like to know what it says or artist. thank you enter image description here

enter image description here

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For the scripts it is:

画 新-on-top-of-旺 年 庚-on-top-of-辰 月 水 山 象

Since in traditional calligraphy, one should read from right to left, top to bottom. It reads as:

象山水月 庚辰年 新旺画

For 象山 You mentioned this is Li river so I assume it is this mountain 象山

For 水月 it is just water and Moon

庚辰年 is some year of dragon, could be 1988 2000 2012( every 12 years).

画 means "draw". So 新旺画 may refer it is drawn by "新旺". The seal also says 新旺X , hence 新旺 should be the artist's name

I could not recognize the X on the right side of 新旺 in the seal, somebody please help me. Maybe 宝? but I'm not quite sure.

So all together this is a scroll about the Moon and Water near 象山,drawn by 新旺

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    X is a Tradition Chinese character 寶, It's same to 宝 寶 In the stamp also means important collection, I think it's improper to use by the author
    – Cylon
    Commented Jun 13 at 2:48

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