Some things like this or advanced/graduate school math (like Group Theory, Ring Theory, Quantum Mechanics, etc.). Does Chinese have its own names for these types of things? If so, where can I find a big list of some sort, hopefully with English translations.

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It should be called 专业英语 in different area (it's for Chinese to learn English terms, but i think it will also help you) . For example, my bachelor degree is engineer, i used to learn "工程专业英语"。

I found this site and I hope it will help you.

If you want others, you can just search "XX专业英语" in baidu.com.


the national academy for educational research, of taiwan 🇹🇼 maintained files (pdf or excel) of bilingual terms, for mathematics, there’re five:






have fun :)

  • These don't import into my spreadsheet program on a mac, any ideas? imgur.com/a/iRAmZO5 The spreadsheets are blank when loaded into Google Spreadsheets as well.
    – Lance
    Commented Sep 30, 2022 at 0:56
  • @Lance, i do not have a mac os machine now, maybe try it on a window os? Commented Sep 30, 2022 at 1:15
  • 2
    @Lance Perhaps try LibreOffice? I've successfully viewed the spreadsheets on my Linux machine with it. Alternatively, try renaming .xls to .html (the file in your screenshot is mostly tag soup) and opening with a browser, then copying.
    – yawnoc
    Commented Sep 30, 2022 at 14:33

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