How to say in Chinese:

Today part of the blue subway line is not in operation.

Should it be 在操作? Or another word?

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    运行, 运转, 运营. – user4072 Mar 28 '15 at 10:06


Operation has a lot of similar meanings. But 操作 is not appropriate here since it's usually used with machines or computers. For a subway line, 运行 is much better because 行 means moving. 运营 is OK but it's usually used for companies or long term activities.

And in Chinese there is no predictive so you need to add a predicate like 停止、中止、暂停.


It is true that operate means "操作" in Chinese. But in this context, it should be translated into: “今天蓝色地铁线部分停止运营。”

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