In a Chinese poem I'm working on, there's a tricky pair of lines I'm having trouble wrapping my head around:

"在走之前迎春日为由的索菲亚酒店 在伟大的欢歌晚宴上,各自献出绝技 拿出月入十分之一的盈余营造一个盛况"

My translation:

"Before going to welcome the spring day at the Sophia Hotel The guests at the merry banquet all showed off their talents. offering a tenth of their monthly earnings to fund this spectacular event."

Is my interpretation (a group of people at a hotel banquet fundraising with a talent show) correct?

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The part "在走之前迎春日为由的索菲亚酒店" has some grammar mistakes. What is the title of this poem and where was it published?

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