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The correct answer is "Cho-lei". Coach EmRatThich (Chinese table tennis coach) has explained here. why table tennis shout "Chooo!" and "Cho-lei!" You can search on Google "the meaning of Cho-lei table tennis".


都 has many functions, to disambiguate, you can add more indicators (连)水都泼到书上了。 (Even water is splashed onto the book.) 水(全)都泼到书上了。 (All the water is splashed onto the book.) (连)书上都(被)泼到水了。 (Water is even splashed onto the book.)


If you're looking for an app, Super Chinese (main Web page, Google app store, Apple app store) listens to you and evaluate your pronunciation and tone. But it's just a an app; I have doubts about precision and usefulness, and apps still can't compare to a human ear (I personally don't use it). Also it says which syllables were wrong, but doesn't say what was ...


The best way is through exposure, preferably speaking with a native speaker who doesn't speak English. If that's not an option, I recommend finding a Chinese TV station that you like and putting that on at least while you're studying. Here's a good place to start: Besides that, you can transcribe the characters (using ...

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